• Who is Stryker Automotive
  • The Interior Shop With A Twist

    Not just classic cars

    We customize all years and all models of cars & trucks. 



  • Muscle Car Interior Superbird


    Muscle Car Interior

    Installation of Kits and covers or custom one off builds. 

  • T bucket parts


    T Bucket Hot Rod

    Build your own T Bucket Hot Rod from home.



  • 39 ford custom interior

    Hot Rod Interiors

    Custom built interior upholstery. 



  • Audio and electronics

    Custom Audio 

    Let Stryker add some tunes to your ride

  • Bench seat upholstery



    Recover your truck seats


  • Classic Car Interiors


    Classic Car Interiors

    Restore your classic car interior


  • Cuda with Vinyl Top


    Factory Vinyl tops

    Compliment your vehicle with a vinyl top.


  • Interior Upholstery Upgrades


    Interior Upgrades

    Add a little style to your ride.


  • Low Back Bucket Bomber seats



    Purchase Stryker low back bucket bomber seats


  • Model A sedan Delivery interior



    Cool designs for cool rides


  • Packard Interior


    Antique Car Interiors 

    Original antique car interior upholstery.


  • Porsche


    Vintage Sports Cars

    Upgrade your sports car at Stryker. 

  • Porsche interior


    Custom Interiors

    Ad a little style to the inside of your ride 

  • Vinyl Top on 71 Superbird


    Vinyl Top's

    We Install vinyl tops on all year vehicles










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Stryker Automotive is your Interior shop with a Twist"  a full service automotive shop that offers vehicle and parts customization and design work. Follow us along our automotive adventures at Stryker Hot Rod as we build cool cars and design cool parts. All Stryker parts are available at   Stryker Parts.com


Feel free to contact us via email or call 860.349.1500


If your interested in being a part of one of our Stryker Hot Rod builds please email

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